Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daily Thread-Bop She Bop Edition

Skirt-Thrifted and Hemmed-Goodwill in Nashville, TN-$3.99

Blouse-Thrifted Tank w/Lace-Goodwill in Nashville, TN-$1.99

Cardigan-My roomate gave a bunch of stuff away to Goodwill & I grabbed a couple of pieces for myself. I don’t wear a lot of creme/beige but I may need to incorporate some in my closet.

Belt-Thrifted-Goodwill in Nashville, TN-$1.99 (I think)


Earrings-Forever 21-$3.99

Shoes-Thrifted-Goodwill in Washington Heights-$4.99

Headband-Street Vendor in Washington Heights-$1.00

Originally I was planning on throwing on some jeans and a slouchy sweater (due to the rainy weather) but I chucked this plan since the color red was calling me name. Grabbed my red skirt and went from there.

Today is also the first day I took my picture outside of the apartment and I have to say it felt pretty great! Even though it was taken in an alley behind my steps…

Click on the picture for the original image


  1. Thanks!! I love yours too! I am now following you on bloglovin :) Love Love the skirt and tank combo!

  2. AH, I just found your blog and am so glad I did!
    Your style is spot-on and so perfect.
    I can't wait to explore all of your posts.
    Marvelous job, lady!

  3. You're SO SWEET! It's always so nice to hear encouragement & support.


  4. verrrry cute outfit! i love the skirt. i really need to get better at thrifting. i am just not patient enough!