Saturday, May 30, 2009


I have felt more inspired and creative in the mere 3 weeks I have lived in NY than I have in a very long time. Maybe it’s the hustle & bustle of the city, the street fairs, the street vendors, the cultural diversity, the food, and of course the city in itself.

My list of DIY to do’s so far are:
Feather/Flower Headbands/Barrettes & Pins
Learn To Sew So I Can Hem & Alter Clothes I Already Own But Don’t Wear
Do Some Tye-Dye’ing
Jewelry Making
Work On Design/Graphics/Photo Editing On This Blog

I’m sure that I will think of more. We should definitely put together a Creative DIY Brainstorming Meetup. Anyone interested??


  1. great ideas for DIYs, i love going into the city, it's so creatively stimulating.

  2. Where did you move from? This city is definitly such a hotbed of fun, creativity, inspiration, life, etc....I moved here 6 years ago from the midwest and I never regretted it! There's just so much more going on here and it keeps you on your toes and never for a second can you be bored!
    I'm down for the DIY stuff...if you put something together, let me know.
    Oh, and I actually started a craft club about a year ago....we haven't met up in a few months though, but I'm looking to get it started up again. It's called "CraftMyPants", and if I can find the time to get it going again, basically it's just like a meet up and make stuff type thing, we drink some cocktails and whip up whatever the craft-theme of the meeting is. Good times. Would that be of interest?
    I'd kinda like to explore the feather headband/hairclip thing-I've been meaning to go to Michael's in Queens and pick up some feathers anyhow.

  3. i want to make some headbands so badly! i've been dying to find or craft a cool feathery one :)
    new york city is such an inspiring place -- just seeing all sorts of different people rushing past you every day is such an amazing, energizing feeling! i wish i lived there :)

  4. I would definitely be interested in a meet up of some kind!! Shoot me an email with the details!!

    I moved from Nashville, TN 3 weeks ago!! So, it's definitely all new for me but very exciting and inspiring. Right now I'm looking for a job & I'm hoping to enroll in FIT in the Fall!!

    Thanks for all of the comments ladies!

  5. ooooh, Nashville is my fave city in the country (well maybe it's tied with NYC).....I actually want to move there, in about 10years or so when I'm done with this place.
    I'm originally from Evansville, IN so I kinda grew up going to Nashville a lot! ANd I've been back twice in the past 3-4years, and I'm planning to go back again really soon.
    Actually, I'd love to one day maybe open a litttle boutique there, or teach fashion illustration at a college with a fashion program (I still have to look into that and see what schools are in teh nashville area).
    Anyway, if I get the next CraftMyPants meeting underway, I will definitly let you know OK?
    Until then, if you want to get something else started as far as DIY stuff, I'm interested in joining in on the fun. I Love that stuff!

    Until then, keep on enjoying NYC.......believe me once you get a job it's going to suck up a lot of free time and this hustle and bustle of the work world here will really tire you out, well if you're anything like me. I swear I cannot stay awake past 10:30pm on worknights anymore cause it's just a crazy fast-paced world here. But i love it!