Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thrifted Treasures By Zoe LuLu

Sequin Blouse-XScape by Laurence Kurtz-Thrifted at Goodwill in Washington Heights-$3.99.

I am IN LOVE with this piece and I have been daydreaming of the different ways I want to style this baby up.

Ms. Chaus Ruffled Blouse-Thrifted at Goodwill in Washington Heights-$3.99

Thrifted Conaco Brown Leather Belt at Goodwill in Washington Heights-$2.99

I have a feeling Nashville was talking to me today. A country gal belt and this blouse reminds me of my mom in the 70's.

Ribbed Silk Cache Blouse-Thrifted at Goodwill in Washington Heights-$3.99

The quality is perfection, feels like heaven on your skin, and so unique.

Forever 21 Skirt-Thrifted at Goodwill in Washington Heights, NY-$4.99

This skirt can definitely be worn all year round. Rock some tights and boots during the winter/fall and then you can slip on some cute flats/sandals/or wedges during the summer/spring.


  1. GREAT finds! Can't wait to see how you'll style them!!

  2. Love it all! Good finds.....I never have such luck with the thrift stores here in the city. Or maybe I just get irked about some of the outrageous prices...but you got some excellent deals.

  3. I can't wait to see them on!!!!

  4. Thanks girls!

    Yeah thrifting in NY can be frustrating. I def got lucky finding these. I may have to do some thrifting when I visit home in TN.

  5. I love the attention to detail in your posts. I'm new to blogging (yea I know pretty sad) but I just love your blog! I love your choices, wouldn't I LOVE to raid your closet, haha!